Choosing A Good Insurance Company

In choosing a good insurance company there are several things to consider:

  • Price is a very important consideration, but it should not always be the first.
  • Good representation from your agent is very important. You need someone who will be available to answer all technical questions, offer direction on the right coverage you can afford to pay, and be available to you when you have a damage claim. The same is true of insurance for your home.
  • Is your agent available 24/7? Do they have a call center available to service you outside of normal business hours? Is all of their business conducted via 800 numbers?
  • How is the prospective insurer when it comes to handling a loss you have suffered? Do they respond quickly? Do they have the best interest of your car in mind when they provide you with an estimate for repairs? Some insurance companies DO NOT pay current and fair rates for high-end autos, be aware of this as in some cases you could be responsible for some costs.

A good insurance company will excel in all these areas but there are some that do not. If you properly research your prospective insurance company for quality in price, representation and claims service you will have selected a good insurance company.

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